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Join the “Print as a Service” Revolution!

Say goodbye to your old copier lease and say hello to Sun Print as a Service. Our revolutionary approach to Managed Print Services has NO leases, NO hidden costs, and NO management fees on your office equipment. Only pay for what you use—and we’ll even place printers and MFPs free of charge.

This is the future of printing. This is the revolution.


No contracts, hidden costs, or management fees on your office equipment. You pay for the pages you print and we take care of the rest. You can even keep your existing equipment if you’d like.


Sun Print’s off-balance sheet approach gives your budget more flexibility. No capital costs, fixed assets to depreciate, or disposal costs. Just reliable equipment, excellent service, and low per-impression prices.


Get detailed, monthly billing by page, cost center, and device. No more juggling multiple vendors and invoices. With Sun Print, you get the pages you need and the convenience of embedded overall service—it doesn’t get  any easier!

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Hear From Our Customers

“We awarded Sun Print Management the opportunity to support our existing laser printer fleet and replace our existing copier lease because we knew of many satisfied hospitals on their program. To say we were skeptical in the beginning is an understatement. From the low per-page price to the no lease MFP offering, we saw nothing from their competition that came close. After five years, we are happy to report that Sun Print Management exceeded the expectations they set by a long way!”
Andy Lauby, Trinity Mother Frances
“Print as a service cannot be matched. Total flexibility, no leases, zero capitol cost. Just pay for printed pages. Imagine, you need a printer or MFP, you simply request and it is delivered. You no longer need that device simply give it back without any penalty.”
Trey Hewitt , Epic Healthcare
“I have not found another offering in the MPS environment that could come close to Sun Print’s total offering. It is really about the simplicity of their program. Regardless of the size, speed, or functionality of the device being used, the per page cost is the same.”
Bob Hanlon, Achieva Credit Union


Yes, you can cancel at any time. We use an easy-to-understand program agreement instead of contracts or lease documents. There’s no fine print and no penalty for canceling. Just convenient and flexible printing.

Yes, Sun Print as a Service has a plan for customers who prefer to retain ownership of their existing equipment. We will cover almost any Hewlett Packard or Lexmark printer, fax, MFP or copier for a flat, low cost per page that is most likely less than what you currently spend on toner alone.

If your existing device does not meet our eligibility requirements, no problem! We’ll provide you equipment to use that meets your needs and is eligible under the Sun Print as a Service Program. The equipment is provided on a month-to-month program agreement based on your usage at our low cost per page pricing.

Yes, Sun Print as a Service doesn’t differentiate between “Print Coverage” levels or paper size, one price covers all contingencies!

“Page Coverage” is the area of paper that has toner applied to it and is expressed as a percentage. Typically, toner cartridges are rated to produce 10,000 pages at an average of 5% coverage for a cost of around $130 or 1.3¢/page. That’s higher than Sun Print’s cost per page and doesn’t include the use of our equipment or our services!

But, the typical office doesn’t produce documents with a mere 5% coverage, it’s usually more like 12% coverage or 3.1¢/page which means for every page you produce you’re paying 210% too much not counting equipment or service. We use a fixed cost per page model to save you money!

We’re happy to provide technical support related to print output issues at no additional charge to our clients. Beyond that, we are able to provide technical support on a myriad of issues on most operating platforms from PCs to mainframes.

Sun Print is available to any qualifying customer located in the continental United States, so please contact us so that we can properly address your specific challenge.

This is one of our most commonly asked questions and it’s the easiest one to answer—THERE IS NO CATCH, and we have the testimonials and clients to prove it.

Sun Print exists to makes its customers more profitable by reducing their total cost of printing, faxing, and copying below what they could achieve by themselves or with other vendors. Providing equipment, toner, supplies and maintenance through a coordinated national network of employees and certified reps, Sun Print allows customers to focus on production instead of the means of production—pages not printers.

Give us a try and let us earn your business and your trust!

Join the Revolution

No leases. No hidden costs. Only pay for what you print. Contact us today!

Some of Our Happy Customers